TV & Film Editing - Certificate Program

Get the skills, training, and hands-on experience to master film editing and break into the industry at Video Symphony. Our film editing school’s AVID certification program has been named the #1 AVID Authorized Training Center in the world three times, and we can help you start the career you desire in editing for film or television.


Regardless of the stage you’re at in pursuing a career in film and video editing, Video Symphony can teach you everything you need to know. From digitizing, organizing, and working with source media to editing that footage into something clear and powerful, we teach you everything you need to know to jump into a career at any major editing studio in Hollywood or elsewhere.

Our curriculum encompasses technical skills, aesthetics, and workflow knowledge to provide industry-level expertise in AVID, and Adobe Premiere. This includes industry-standard editing and content organization techniques so you’ll be competitive at studios from Disney, NBC, Warner Bros and beyond. Our training will help you become adept at the art of editing using some of the most comprehensive AVID training and courses you’ll find at any film editing school.

The course covers everything from editing short-form promos, commercials, and music videos to full-length feature films and digital media. We work with the most popular industry tools to develop technique and practice technical skills such as visual effects, sound, color correction, and finishing. The program also addresses story structure and narrative tools in editing. Students finish with a deep, robust understanding of all key components of the TV and film editing. These job-ready skills cover the entire post-production process, making our students more skilled than most of those already in the industry.

Perhaps the best part is that all this comprehensive training is delivered by some of the best in the industry. Learning from AVID-Certified instructors and editors with more than 20 years of experience in TV and film editing means you get the benefit of experience and expertise that has produced popular promos, trailers, news magazine, and entertainment shows such as 60-Minutes and E! Entertainment, documentaries for big names such as National Geographic, The History Channel, and PBS, and Emmy and Oscar-award-winning dramatic television shows and feature films.

  • Master AVID, Adobe Premiere and more
  • AVID Certification Tests: AVID Certified User
  • Project based training throughout the program
  • Expert on-campus Career Counseling and Job Placement Services
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Technical Director
Video Editor
Assistant Video Editor
Film Editor
Assistant Film Editor
Online Editor

Post Production Coordinator
Post Production Supervisor
Technical Support Specialist
Assistant Producer
Vault Manager
Media Specialist


Post Production Essentials
Editing Aesthetics
Media Composer Editing
Script to Screen
Dailies to Rough Cut
Rough Cut to Fine Cut
Editing Audio in Avid
Avid Media Composer Effects
Film Editing Workflow
Post Studio Sessions

After Effects for Editors
Long-form Editing
Avid Advanced Effects
Short-form Editing
Avid Color Correcting
Promo Editing
HD Essentials
Real Life Production Experience
Techniques for Avid Media Composer
Avid Project & Media Management