Our Audio, Graphics & Film Editing Schools Can Boost Your Career
"Video Symphony’s Certificate Programs are some of the most comprehensive Editing, Audio Engineering & Visual Effects Programs available anywhere."

Digital media technology has become an instrumental component in the Hollywood motion picture, television, and music industries. Projects require digital post production. Video Symphony’s media and film editing schools give students the education and hands-on experience with the most important digital media technology to develop the necessary skills. Of all the film schools in LA, we’re the most focused on getting students ready for a career, whether in the entertainment industry or the vast array of other businesses that need digital media experts.

We take aspiring editors and film artists and produce successful TV, film, and video editors, sound engineers, and motion graphic and effects artists. We hone their skills and impart the confidence of real know-how so they enter the industry with a competitive edge. Our courses are taught by respected, industry professionals, using the best hardware and software to master the tools and techniques necessary to go out into the world, especially our corner of it here in Hollywood, and do rewarding work they love.

If you have already started your career in Hollywood, we can update your skills and provide you with accredited instruction using the most advanced tools available to keep you sharp and contemporary. We teach professional, studio-level software using tech bundles most film editing schools can only dream of. Our teachers are intimately familiar with professional applications of these tools and they give students the kinds of high-impact lessons that they will utilize on a daily basis in their careers.

The entertainment business is dynamic and competitive. The challenge of giving students the skills, training, credentials, experience, and connections necessary to break into the business is something all film editing schools aspire to. At Video Symphony, we already have the industry experts, top-of-the-line technology, and track record of overcoming that hurled, and our roster of alumni professionals is proof of where you could take your career with a VS education.

So, if you are one of us – if you’d rather tell stories than listen to them, contact us. We can turn you into an industry pro, with the connections, the tools, and the skills to make your mark like so many other VS alumni have.



Experiential learning is the key to acquiring strong editing skills. This TV & Film Editing Program emphasizes learning through doing to give students a comprehensive, hands-on training experience in a professional environment with active industry leaders. Learn more.


Our unique program prepares students for the requirements of a demanding graphics job in the entertainment industry, giving them the skills to smoothly combine animation, digital graphics, and footage to create whatever effect or illusion is required Learn more.


A solid foundation with Pro Tools is a prerequisite for anyone starting a career in sound media. Students in Video Symphony’s Pro Tools Audio Engineering Program get comprehensive training in the art of recording, editing, mixing, mastering, Foley, dialog, sound design, sound effects, voice-over production, video game audio, film audio, music audio, and surround sound production, all in a professional studio environment Learn more.


At Video Symphony, we go beyond simply teaching industry-leading software on professional studio-quality hardware and providing AVID certification. Partnerships with the world's premier editing and design brands facilitate an unmatched learning experience, so much so that Video Symphony has been named the #1 AVID-Authorized Training Center in the world three times.

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Take your future to the next level with VS expertise and become an Avid Certified User or Certified Pro Tools Operator/Expert.


See what our grads are doing now: movies, television, film, music, video games, major studios, post production houses, and much more. Their success is impressive.