Video Symphony’s Mission Statement: To Excel at Attracting, Training, and Placing Qualified People in Digital Media Jobs

In keeping with Video Symphony’s mission, our goal is to enroll candidates who will successfully start and complete their program and move on to gainful employment in the areas for which they are training.

The ideal candidate for a Video Symphony program will have:

  • Explored Different Aspects of Production: We are a specialized school, not an exploratory school designed to give an overview of the industry. Therefore it is important that a candidate has investigated different facets of production and has decided to pursue a career in Editing, Audio, Visual Effects, or New Media. The prospective student is not required to have worked in the industry, since many people gain adequate experience either through high school or college programs or through self-exploration and hobbies.
  • A Friendly Demeanor: It is important that students work well with their fellow students, instructors and staff. Since our ultimate goal is to help students find gainful employment, they will also need to fit into a professional environment and be able to work effectively with others.
  • Financial Capability: Students’ ability to maintain their financial commitment to attending Video Symphony and to maintain themselves with adequate living expense coverage such as rent, transportation, food and clothing are extremely important. Video Symphony exists to help students realize their dreams of working in post-production, just not at the expense of their well-being.
  • A Solid Understanding of What Video Symphony Expects of Them: The type and complexity of training done at Video Symphony requires not only class time, but dedicated time to work on exercises and projects that are important to achieve the level of speed, accuracy and adaptability that can only come through repetitive practice and experience. Prospective students should be willing and able to dedicate at least 24 hours per week to practice time over and above class hours.
  • Professionalism: Students must be aware that their goal for coming to Video Symphony is to enter the entertainment industry and maintain a career. We will expect the same professional conduct that will apply to the workplace. This includes being on-time for each day of class, finishing assignments and projects on time, and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner while at Video Symphony.
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