Avid’s Pro Tools is the leading post-production audio editing software in the film and television industry. Video Symphony offers Pro Tools training that includes official AVID certification. Our Pro Tools courses that offer AVID certification have been so successful that we regularly receive hundreds of registration requests from music and post-production sound engineers. The quality of education and Pro Tools experience students get at Video Symphony is so high – due to our in depth courses and the expert industry professionals who teach them – that employers look to us to supply them with qualified audio engineering and editing talent.

Come to Video Symphony to become a certified Pro Tools certified operator or expert to develop high-level professional competence and experience that will make you a valued resource for employers.

Why become Avid Certified?

An official Pro Tools certification shows employers that the prospective hire in question has demonstrated advanced competence with and understanding of the latest Avid systems. These certification courses culminate with a rigorous test that ensures graduates are up to par.

AVID, which licenses our Pro Tools training and certification programs, has this to say about the certification and the different levels we offer:

  • Pro Tools Operator: Obtaining an Avid-Certified Pro Tools Operator status means you have proved you can efficiently operate a sophisticated TDM system in a professional environment for either music or post-production. To earn this certification you have to train and demonstrate your ability to a qualified Avid training representative.
  • Pro Tools Expert: For pros, obtaining Certified Pro Tools Expert status means they have reached the highest level of Pro Tools training that Avid offers. This level of skill and experience makes them able to operate a TDM system with superior skill. Most people who pursue this certification earn the Operator status first.

Benefits of Pro Tools Certification

Video Symphony is one of the best certification providers in the business. Students leave with a name on their certificates that carries industry recognition and respect, which translates into more job opportunities. Of course, they also have the essential skills and hands-on experience necessary to excel in music, audio, and post-production environments. This extra level of confidence makes it easier to land big jobs and succeed.

Prepare for the Video Symphony Pro Tools Certificate

Video Symphony offers Pro Tools training through the higher levels of official Avid courseware necessary to pass the Pro Tools Operator or Expert exams for Music or Post (310M offered optionally). Our Pro Tools courseware instructors are fully trained and approved by Avid.

If you want a long and prosperous career in the music or film and television industries, you need Avid certified Pro Tools training from Video Symphony. Operator and Expert certifications are proof of expertise you carry with you for years.