If there’s one thing that you learn a lot about putting thousands of students through Adobe classes, pro school, and then finding them jobs, it’s how the post-production industry in Hollywood functions. This pivotal, 32-hour class is designed to give students the tools necessary to turn their hard-earned Video Symphony expertise and experience into a paycheck from a job in post production. It helps them develop proven tactics and strategies based on a wealth of knowledge and experience that our founder and the pros in our Job Placement Department have acquired over the years, and which still make sense to industry insiders and professionals in charge of hiring today.

This course uses “THE Job Search System™,” a systematic approach that uses specialized tools and tactics to increase the chances of obtaining paid work. Video Symphony founder and President Mike Flanagan conducted in-depth research to supplement his own extensive experience in helping people break into the industry, during which he developed a powerful understanding of industry employment practices and traditions. This background forms the foundation for his incredibly popular book “Hollywood Jobs,” and was the inspiration for the development of this Payday Workshop’s high-impact curriculum.

Students learn how to leverage experience in Adobe classes, develop connections, and convert all that into a successful career in your industry of choice from professionals who have learned lessons that only time and long experience can teach: detailed insight into market niches, where available jobs are in the Hollywood industry, and how to find and
connect with “insiders.”

“Payday Workshop is about learning the Hollywood industry,” Flanagan says. “Who hires? How and why do they hire? It’s hard to get paid for your services if you don’t know the audience for your services. Then we help our students communicate their skills verbally and in writing. We focus on the resume and the interview so that our students professionally deliver in both arenas.”

Payday Workshop topics include:

  1. Where the Jobs Are: Learn about the marketplace and thousands of possible employers, from major studios to unknown productions companies and boutiques.
  2. What You Need to Know About You: How to analyze your skills and answer “Why will an employer hire me instead of someone with more experience?”
  3. Your Resume and Other Marketing Tools: Learn how to use words, pictures, and audio to sell the whole package that is You.
  4. Networking: The secrets to building human networks online and offline.
  5. Pitching and Interviewing: Personal presentation and pitching yourself effectively to people, in and out of interviews.
  6. Putting it all Together: The Hollywood Entertainment Job Search System, the “4-C’s of the Story Audience Method,” and a highly systematic process to get paid jobs.

Our most successful students excel in their coursework, so your Adobe classes are essential for job placement. But finding a job is a unique skill set all of its own, even more specialized in the case of Hollywood. Payday Workshop: Getting Work in the Industry teaches the science and strategy of that skill set to give students from Video Symphony another edge.