Our monthly video contest at Video Symphony offers you a chance to turn your video editing training into acclaim, victory, and a cash prize. Simply create a video, leverage skills from your video production courses, and then get the votes to win.

If You Like Prizes, get "Likes"

It’s simple. Every month we invite Video Symphony students to submit their videos and compete with their peers for a cash prize. Students, average YouTube viewers, and Video Symphony faculty select the winner.

Each "like" given to the video on YouTube is worth one point. Faculty judges also grade videos and may award each one up to 150 points on a sliding scale. The video with the most points wins.

Winning videos are featured at the monthly, live streaming Video Symphony Pizza & Post Web Show. This gathering is an open opportunity for Video Symphony students to relax, enjoy some pizza, review the winning videos, and get to know special entertainment industry guests and celebrities invited weekly.

So if you want to win, start sharing to get those likes!

Use your favorite videos via social networks and ask the world to "like" your video. Cash prizes will scale up with attention so be sure to point outsiders to these videos, too.

VS Voices
“During my college career, I was the sole operator of the Avid editing system at the television studios on campus. In the three-day Avid 101 class at Video Symphony, I learned more than the entire year at college."
— Joe Offi,
Reality TV Show
Assistant Edito
“The best choice I have made in my life thus far is going to school at Video Symphony. The amount and quality of knowledge I acquired from the Avid program, is worth three or more years in a university, in my opinion. If this town is a who-you-know type of business, Video Symphony will definitely help eager, dependable, capable students make their marks in the world, wherever that may be
— Louis Bruchez,
Editing Program graduate

How To Win

All Video Symphony students are eligible to submit videos to our monthly contest. Ask Video Symphony faculty for how to enter. Keep in mind that faculty points count for more. If you are great at harnessing the power of social media and know how to drive traffic and get “Likes,” you can use that to publicize your video. If it’s good, you’ll get points that way. You can try winning over the faculty judges by showing them you are utilizing the skills you learned from video editing and production training.

Feel free to approach your instructors if you have questions about the contest. Watch old winning videos now to get an idea of what is popular. Lastly, don’t forget to vote and share so others can participate and award the students that demonstrate the best production and video editing training.

Start SHARING your favorite videos via social networks and ask the world to "like" your favorites - the more success from this contest the larger the cash prize will get!!!

Get all your "likes" in by October 14th (5pm, PST)

Once your "likes" have been tallied, they will be converted to points and added to your faculty points