At the Video Symphony video and music production school, you get every piece of help you could need to ensure you find relevant opportunities in the post-production business. This starts with our support of students in outside of the classroom, whether they need assistance with AVID classes or audio production hardware. But it continues with our Job Placement office.

Our team of skilled officers work directly with individual students to help them find network opportunities for students and potential employers, develop those relationships, and strengthen the connections to improve job placement chances. They have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace to identify, pursue, and solidify leads effectively, and they are active on behalf of Certificate Program students, seeking their recruitment.

Video Symphony has trained thousands of professionals throughout Hollywood. The combination of this network of connections and our reputation for producing highly skilled, professional post-production graduates helps give our recruiting efforts extra resonance within the industry, even for active students seeking their first job or internship.

Motivated students have the best chance of getting a relevant job in post-production after they finish at any video or music production school. Successfully demonstrating your work ethic and mastering the skills taught in class makes completing a Certificate Program at Video Symphony much more impactful. While we can’t make any specific claim about a student’s likelihood of employment, at Video Symphony we do take active, systematic steps to help our grads get a job they love.

Job Placement Resources

Certificate Program students enjoy several job placement benefits designed to make job-seeking skills more successful.

Active Job Leads —Video Symphony’s powerful, proprietary online tool, “Jumpcut,” gathers job leads from across the Internet and updates the list every 20 minutes to help students track down leads. The Job Placement Department also sends up-to-date leads by email and phone to qualified grads.

Individual Counseling and Coaching —One-on-one job sessions help our officers assess and guide students. They provide resume coaching, job-pitch practice, and interview role-playing to help students develop confidence and presentation skills.

Real-Life Productions —Certificate Program students work on real-life projects that provide them with incredible experience as well as professional material for their reel to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Our advanced students also get to work on post production for actual, professional independent and major productions.

Industry Instructors —Our expert instructors love to teach, and they are all talented professionals from within their respective industries. Several have their own successful companies. And they are connected in the community, so when opportunities arise, our instructors, and thus our students, are often the first to find out.

Making Connections — We train industry veterans and fresh students in the same classes, creating a natural networking environment. The connections these students form during class and lab have repeatedly proven fertile ground for long-term, professional opportunities and relationships. Classmates become colleagues and many students earn their first paycheck editing due to connections made in a Video Symphony class.

Industry Connections —VS has maintained and fostered strong connections with hundreds of studios, post facilities, and producers. They still turn to us before advertising available jobs elsewhere because they know what our students can do.

The job-seeking resources at Video Symphony help all our students, in a music video or music production school, to continue in our established tradition of producing incredible graduates and putting them in the best positions in the industry.

Meet Barbara Weintraub:

Director of Job Placement

Barbara helps place students in the entertainment industry and guide their careers. She understands what employers want, having had her own television production company for many years. Barbara has worked on movies, network shows, commercials, cable series and documentaries. One of her early jobs was working with acclaimed producer Jerry Bruckheimer on Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop. She then was brought on to launch a new entertainment cable channel Movietime which became E! Entertainment Television. While there she produced over 45 shows entitled The Hollywood Reporter Executive Report with top filmmakers.

She started her own production company producing numerous shows including a comedy special with Kelsey Grammer – An Affectionate Look at Fatherhood, a reality series for Women’s Entertainment WE TV – Diva Dectectives, an action adventure series for TNT – The New Adventures of Robin Hood, many other television shows and numerous documentaries.