Video Symphony welcomes all international students, from any country and any background. All you need is a desire to work in film and television production and the work ethic to make it through our rigorous courses, such as our Avid program and Final Cut Pro classes.

Video Symphony has excellent resources to help students and prospective students find appropriate financial aid, cope with the curriculum, their course load, and adjust to Video Symphony and LA, and assist them with the job hunt once they near the end of their program.

We know that moving to the United States for school can be a daunting proposition. This is true even for students who cross the country to attend Video Symphony. This is one of the reasons we have put together a student support staff that is prepared to help international students with everything from the application and visa process to understanding how to keep up with their studies at VS.

We have several international students from all over the world every year come to Video Symphony to take advantage of our leading learning facilities, connections, and top teaching industry professionals. So we know what it takes to make you comfortable and help you succeed both outside the classroom and during an intense Avid program.

Video Symphony is an excellent choice for international students who want to break into the world of post-production in film or television because of the respect many of the most important studios in Hollywood have for us. We have connections with the best in the business, whether they teach our classes, employ our grads, or are run by successful VS alumni. This network of connections helps us ensure all our classes are ideal for producing prepared students, ready to succeed and make an impact in the industry, and gives these grads unique networking and job-market opportunities that other film schools cannot offer.

And of course, having instructors who are some of the most decorated industry professionals in Hollywood does give all our students a better chance of picking up essential skills. This is something you not only cannot do outside of the United States, but it’s something you can’t get outside of Los Angeles in most cases.

At Video Symphony, we train Hollywood. And we are ready to help students of all backgrounds get what they need to make their way into the business.

Video Symphony is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. So contact us today to take the first steps to enrolling in the premier Avid program, Final Cut Pro classes, or Pro Tools course that will set you on the path to your new career.

For more information contact:

Dan Murphy, Director of Admissions
818-557-7200 ext 812