Video Symphony welcomes students from all over the country and the world to our audio production school and programs in our film production school. We are accustomed to helping them with nearly everything they need to begin pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, and one of the most important steps in helping them acquire the necessary post-production skills involves housing. Our student housing program helps these students with their relocation to Los Angeles, and can provide them with affordable, convenient housing as necessary.

Video Symphony always has rooms available with at least three apartment complexes that are located within comfortable walking distance of the campus. None of them are owned by Video Symphony, and the complexes we always maintain relationships with are located at 1/3 mile, 1/2 mile, and 1 mile from campus respectively. This gives students the ability to decide just how close they want to be and how much they want to spend.

Video Symphony helps by facilitating apartment rentals with these buildings instead of owning traditional college-type dormitories because it provides students with a living experience that is more connected to Downtown Burbank and the environment in which their career path may take them. All these apartments are 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom units located in nearby residential areas, situating them close to not just campus but a number of walkable retail amenities such as restaurants and shops.

The apartments available in these buildings through Video Symphony are 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom units with rental prices between $725-$910 per bedroom per month, plus utilities. They all include a furnished living room and dining room, and a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Students need to provide their own bedroom furniture, appliances, and cooking utensils.

All student housing suggested by Video Symphony have convenient parking options, and of course there is ample parking near the school. While students in these apartments don’t need to have a car nor use any public transportation to travel to and from school or for personal shopping, they are essential means of transportation for enjoying greater LA. And once you near the end of your time at Video Symphony, travelling to your job location will be much easier via public transportation or a car will be much easier, especially if it is far from campus.

When that situation comes up, you’ll appreciate that Video Symphony is just three blocks from a Metrolink (light rail) station, and just four miles from Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport. That means all our available housing options are similarly convenient to nearby transit.

We want your time at our video or audio production school to be comfortable and convenient. So if you have any questions about student housing, please contact us at 818.557.7200.