​As one of the premier film schools in Los Angeles, Video Symphony is always developing new resources to help our students get ahead of the crowd and find the best jobs. “Hollywood Jobs” is an informative collection of expert advice put together by Mike Flanagan, President of Video Symphony, compiled based on his years of helping students land the best jobs in Hollywood, and is a great resource for job-seeking students. When you’ve finished your Adobe classes, you need insider information about the entertainment industry and job market themselves in order to get a job. This book is the place to start.

Flanagan’s expertise is what makes the book such a useful tool. Through thousands of relationships that he and Video Symphony have developed with industry veterans who studied at Video Symphony over the years, and thanks to the input of the dozens of Hollywood-seasoned pros who teach at VS, we have developed a catalogue of techniques, connections, stories, and data about how people get jobs in Hollywood.

“Hollywood Jobs” outlines a systemic approach to getting your dream job. It is filled with tips including: how strangers can help you find work, the most powerful job-searching tool ever invented, and why asking for a job never works.

Other major topics that “Hollywood Jobs” covers from the insider’s perspective on finding the best positions in Hollywood include:

  • Networking
  • Using the Internet to build a network
  • Relevant online research strategies for leads and information
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Creating an engaging resume

The lessons from “Hollywood Jobs” are timeless and profound, and they have as much relevance for an industry insider as a fresh-faced student navigating our film school in Los Angeles. Important strategies like making connections in Hollywood and within the post-production world get a lot of attention, but the focus is on efficiency, maximizing your effort, and keeping anxiety down so you can feel and project the confidence and certainty that wins people over.

Readers learn how to leverage the greatest job-search tools in the world to advance their efforts, turn online connections into valuable resources, and land an interview, then a job with the most desirable employers in the country.

Mike Flanagan has been teaching aspiring editors, audio engineers, animators, and other digital artists how to find jobs in Hollywood since 1995. He has founded several successful digital media companies including our very own, nationally accredited film school in Los Angeles, Video Symphony. VS has been essential for the new and renewed careers of thousands of post-production professionals.​

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