Audio & Video Editing Courses: the Hands-on Edge

Enroll in a Video Symphony Certificate Program and you may see your name on credits of a major production, perhaps even award-winning credits. That’s what we mean by hands-on training in our production, audio and video editing courses. With this level of quality, you may end up using work from your Pro Tools classes in your reel because it effectively highlights your skills and creativity. With our courses, the emphasis is always on obtaining relevant, applicable real-world experience.

How do we know our students are getting the real-world experience they need? By ensuring that curriculums are built around challenging projects from independent filmmakers, documentarians, and educational program producers. Video Symphony solicits projects that our Certificate Program students can work on for this very purpose.

We bring productions for broadcast, movie screens, and DVD to our classes so our students are exposed to everything. Our connection to the Hollywood production ecosystem means that we actually have a wide variety of productions and producers come to us bidding to have our students do work on their projects.

Some examples of projects include:

  • The ​Sonic Youth music video “Golden Blue”: Our students did in video editing courses provided online and offline editing, students in audio courses did editing and mixing for the video, and visual production students provided color correcting.
  • “The Year Punk Broke”: This documentary of Sonic Youth’s and Nirvana’s 1991 European tour includes other greats such as Dinosaur JR, The Ramones, and Iggy Pop. Video Symphony students provided professional offline and online editing, audio editing and mixing, color correcting, and final output.
  • “Children of the Revolution”: a documentary about children of parents involved in the 1960’s social revolution such as The Grateful Dead, The Black Panthers, Weather Underground, Yippies, and other activist groups. Our students did offline and online editing, handled the audio mixing and color correction, and output of this piece that included interviews with Timothy Leary, Johnny Depp, and others.
  • “The Day My God Died”: a documentary about the child sex trade in Nepal and India. The film, which aired on PBS, has won several film-festival awards and was nominated for an Emmy. VS students played an integral role in this powerful film, providing all of the online and offline editing, the sound design and mixing, and graphics.

When you attend audio or video editing courses at Video Symphony, you are putting yourself in the position to have major producers and projects bid on your time and contribution even as you learn under expert teachers from this first-hand experience. There is no other training opportunity like it, both for what you learn and the final product with your name on it.

VS Voices
“I swear Video Symphony really overtrains us … and the professors are right, it’s really the little things you do that make you stand out … I’ve been keeping quite busy in the industry; haven’t stopped working since a month before I graduated."
— La-Aja Wiggins,
Editing Program Graduate
“My experience at Video Symphony has been awesome. When I came to the school, I had never worked in post production. Within only a few months of taking classes, I met someone in my ‘Editing Aesthetics’ class and through him got my first freelance assistant editor gig on a network reality show in Hollywood while still in school. With each class I took, I gained more confidence and knowledge of the Avid...before long I was on my second, then third job.
— Bill McShane,
Editing Program Graduate