The depth and experience that our Graphics, Animation & Effects instructors bring to the classroom is what makes Video Symphony the leader in motion graphics training. Our Instructors are industry professionals with years of experience working in the film and television industry for companies you enjoy in your daily life – Bravo, Disney, Paramount, Lions’ Gate, The History Channel and NBC to name a few. This knowledge allows our instructors to impart years of technical and practical know-how in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and other essential programs through one-on-one mentoring and lab time. They provide invaluable guidance and inside tips on all essential aspects of film and television motion graphics from aesthetics, to typography design, layout and composition, storyboarding, graphics design, compositing and rotoscoping, media delivery, to communicating with clients. We invite you to look over the instructor bios and credits below to consider how learning from such accomplished professionals could benefit your career.


Kristian Gabriel has been a freelance director, cinematographer, and motion graphics/compositing artist for companies such as Disney Channel, Universal Pictures, Communication Resources and HBO to name a few. Actively working in the industry for almost a decade—Kristian is also part owner of two different production companies that produces features, shorts, commercials ads and many different types of web media for the entertainment industry and corporate America. Kristian’s technical specialties include Avid Media Composer, most Adobe Applications, compression,​ cinematography and production and post media workflows.​​



Marcel Valcarce is a successful creative director, and educator with over 15 years in the Entertainment industry. This passion for technology and art is what led him to give up his work as a system’s analyst consulting with Fortune 100 companies to embark on a creative career that includes many top Hollywood design and visual effects studios. In 2005 Marcel cofounded inMotion Studios, a design and animation boutique, where he functions as Creative Director and Chief Technology Officer.


Ben Bardens has been working in the digital arts since 1996. He specializes in designing graphics and animation using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator software. Ben has worked in animation as a compositor, editor, animator, ink and paint artist, and technical director. Currently, he runs his own freelance graphics and animation studio, Bark Animation, providing custom graphics for live events such as sports and trade shows, designing
graphics for advertising, television and corporate video, and doing development work such as story reels and pitch pieces.


Paul Bivens began his career in entertainment by making miniature models for architects and worked on miniatures for many prominent TV commercials, entertainment parks and films, such as: Pirates of Caribbean, Batteries Not Included and Moon Walker. By the early 90’s, Paul sculpted prop’s and set elements for many blockbuster films. A few films he worked on, as a sculptor, were War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park 3, and Independence Day. During this period, he also worked on motion graphics and focused on 3D animation by making animated characters and visual effects for short and feature films, trade shows, and TV shows like Starship Troopers and Disney/E3.


Danielle Heitmuller is a multi-talented artist brings an array of polished skills in motion graphics, animation, storyboarding and compositing to Video Symphony. Her resume includes work for the post-production company Bungalow 3, and for the Fine Living Network.


Carter Higgins is a motion graphics designer and animator whose credits including documentary television for the History and Discovery Channels, film title sequences and trailers, and many commercials and advertising promos for video games. A varied list of clients has carved her skillset to be both detail driven and​ precise, but also quick and efficient.​


James Rankin is the founder and artistic director of Light Space and Time Digital, a design studio providing a broad range of creative and technical services, and is both a Certified Adobe After Effects expert and a Boris Authorized Trainer for Boris RED 2.5. Entertainment companies such as Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Fox News, CNN and many others have written rave reviews of his classes over the years and continue to send a stream of new students.


Mark Teague features experience for Walt Disney Television Animation, Paramount, Bravo Channel, and Lions Gate. Throughout his career, Teague has been involved in animatics, character & prop design, character layout, compositing, graphic design and title design. Teague also wrote, directed and produced
the independent film, Super Guy.”


Evan Unruh has rich motion graphics experience in title graphics, visual effects, green screen supervisor, 3D animation, DVD titles, and web design. Has worked on motion graphics, visual effects and 3D projects for Lion’s Gate, The History Channel, Bravo, Tri Coast Studio, Creative Light Entertainment and 1726 Entertainment in Burbank. Among his credits are Jekyell, Tamara, Superheroes, Villains & Vixens, and Drive-Thru. He brings a broad set of skills to the classroom.