The Employment Training Panel (ETP) program at Video Symphony gives us a way to give back to the companies and post-production professionals in California that make the industry tick and ensure that our students will always have a vibrant industry onto which they can hang their dreams. We have provided low-cost digital education with things like Pro Tools training to thousands of trainees from hundreds of companies. Having provided over 120,000 hours of digital media training worth several million dollars delivered to ETP students since 1998, we are one of the proudest film productions schools to participate in this valuable California program.

The ETP program is a simple way for approved companies and their employees to enjoy up to 56 hours of digital media training for a registration fee of $100. The state covers the rest to make it affordable for companies and employees in California to access the kind of top-tier hardware, software, and Pro Tools training that Video Symphony offers. This enables them to enhance their technological skills, retain their jobs, and help California companies compete with digital media houses outside the state and county.

Video Symphony has over 100 superior, professional level training courses that employees of ETP-eligible companies across California can attend. You and your employees can benefit from this range of options and put yourselves in classrooms that offer hands-on use in our professional editing bays, where they can gain experience with the most current gear, industry-leading curriculum that has trained some of the most effective, successful post-production professionals in Hollywood, and expert instruction from teachers who are themselves establish and decorated Hollywood pros.

The best news of all is that most companies in the industry qualify to send their employees for ETP-sponsored training. The qualifying process is easy and straightforward. A supervisor can either fill out the CERT form, which you can access by clicking the “ETP Packet” button below, or call 818-557-6500 ext. 862 for more details. Once you get your company qualified, you can share the limits with your employees and send them to our site so they can begin enrolling in our classes.

The links below can provide additional information for companies as well as the necessary employee enrollment forms for your employees once you have qualified. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we are eager to work with you, hear from you, and train you with the best audio and video editing courses available. Call us if you have questions about ETP courses, Pro Tools training, or anything else.

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VS Voices
“After spending three weeks in Burbank getting to know the staff, instructors, and equipment of VS all I want to do now is come back and do it again. There are so many great classes there that I can’t decide what I want to take next. I have recently moved to the Northeast and coworkers here think I’m crazy for wanting to fly all the way back to Burbank just to take Avid, Adobe, or any other type of class, instead of just going to New York or Boston. I say to them that you won’t find any other place that offers so much diversity of staff, flexibility of schedule, or just one of the greatest atmospheres for learning as you’ll find at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA.”
— Greg Ronitz-Baker,
Editing Program Graduate