Video Symphony is about a lot more than just showing up to your video editing courses, making the most of Adobe classes, or learning about sound design. Yes, those things are all very important for our focus on producing career-ready graduates, but Video Symphony is also a school and a community. So we host, sponsor, and encourage a number of student and entertainment events to give everyone at VS a chance to relax, blow off steam, and network with their peers in a fun environment.

These are some of our regular or recurring events that students enjoy.

Pizza & Post

VS started this speaker series to give students another way to gain exposure to the industry and to encourage networking between students and industry professionals. This very popular event happens on the last Tuesday night of every month, bringing tons of students and accomplished professionals from the world of post production together to share pizza and learn about working in the industry. After the speaking portion there is a question-and-answer session to allow students to engage with speakers and get more info about their experiences and insights

We have had a range of big names including award-winning film and TV editors, renowned sound designers, music directors, and visual effects wizards attend Pizza & Post, giving students a rare chance to hang out, interact with, and get to know these industry pros. Some of our famous guests have included Mike Sale, editor of The Hangover 2, Matt Chesse, editor of Quantam of Solace, Tonight Show editor Matthew Gossin, Emmy Award-winning editor Lugh Powers, TV director John Putch, Russian film editor Lala Zabolotskaya-Carter, VP of Post Production at Fox Television Studios Sandy Berman, and Oscar Winning film editor Alan Heim.

With a meeting every week, this event gives students ample opportunities to network and relax. To join the Pizza & Post mailing list and get more information, email emily@vs.edu with your name and contact information.

Industry Connect

VS also hosts regular mixers Called “Industry Connect” to bring filmmakers and organizations to campus. Students can come together with these other important contacts at Industry connect in order to discuss what they are working on in their video editing course, go over how to direct their latest and project to have the biggest impact on their reel, and to get advice on making the most of their hands-on time working on these projects at Video Symphony.

Short Shorts

With all the production going on at Video Symphony, we produce a wealth of short films and other visual media. Student Shorts gives students and opportunity to screen their work, share the final product with peers, and get feedback on their craft.

Job Seekers Clinic

Video Symphony is a professionally focused school, so we offer lots of ways to give you an advantage in the job market. This resume-building seminar is hosted Mike Flanagan, the president and founder of Video Symphony, and author of ” Hollywood Jobs.”

Our social and student events give you the chance to make more of even the lessons learned in your audio production or video editing course. Because everybody in the industry loves what they do, these social events are enjoyable while serving a number of relevant purposes for students’ professional development. It’s the ideal combination.