Besides helping you with admissions and financial aid, one of our support staff’s most important abilities is helping you find a job to start a career and take advantage of everything you gain at Video Symphony. Our Job Placement Department is renowned among video and music production colleges for its ability to work with students and help them find positions with industry professionals. Additionally, the connections our students earn in their production or video editing courses are largely beneficial as well.

​Video Symphony’s reputation for training exceptional post-production professionals has earned us a respected place in the industry, and our superior graduates have helped solidify a deep, powerful network of connections within the post-production ecosystem in Hollywood. Over 2,000 working professionals in major networks, studios, and production companies in Hollywood have studied at Video Symphony to sharpen their skills and training since 1995. This gives us vast resources to help students find the right professional opportunities.

Of course, motivated students have the best chance of getting a relevant job in post-production after they finish at any video or music production colleges. Successful demonstration of work ethic and mastering the skills taught in class makes completing a Certificate Program at Video Symphony much more impactful. So our first step in helping students get a job is by providing great student support from day one, so you can stay on track, overcome obstacles, and get the training foundation, skills, and reputation that befit a Video Symphony graduate.

​We recognize that our role as an institution has many parts. We don’t just provide job-seeking help to our graduates, we also assist them in developing effective job-hunting skills so they can find opportunities and impress potential employers. This gives them an extra edge over even seasoned professionals in the entertainment career marketplace.

While Video Symphony makes no claim to any specific likelihood of employment for any particular individual, we do invest a lot of resources into our students and our officers have a vested interest in helping them succeed.

Our emphasis on relevant job placement extends to providing specific training for finding real jobs and real pay. Our exceptional Job Placement department ensures that these courses, such as “Payday: Entertainment Media Marketplace” and our Job Search Workshop are realistic and effective, in order to enhance students’ abilities to find job placement further. Certificate Program graduates have access to Jumpcut, a proprietary website designed for Video Symphony that helps grads find job leads from across the internet. We also actively send out job leads on a weekly basis.

In the courses at our video and music production college, we develop real, high-impact, relevant skills in order to produce graduates that can obtain great positions and impress employers with their skills and attitude. Breaking into the post-production industry isn’t easy, but Video Symphony gives you every edge possible, from day one and after graduation.


At Video Symphony, we go beyond simply teaching industry-leading software on professional studio-quality hardware and providing AVID certification. Partnerships with the world's premier editing and design brands facilitate an unmatched learning experience, so much so that Video Symphony has been named the #1 AVID-Authorized Training Center in the world three times.

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