Video Symphony welcomes any and all students who are serious about a career in film or television, and we want everyone who will fit in and succeed in our film editing and audio production school to feel welcome to apply. However, we do have some basic eligibility requirements to screen our applicants before we begin helping you with the process of applying and enrolling at Video Symphony.

Basic Eligibility Requirement

To be considered for admission into a Video Symphony Certificate Program every prospective student needs to:

  • Be at least 17 years of age; and
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Complete an interview with an Admissions Counselor
  • Be aware of their financial aid options

Beyond qualifying for basic eligibility, prospective students have to take a few further steps for their application to be considered. So if you meet the above requirements, you should contact Video Symphony via phone or email for an individual counseling session to ensure you complete your application effectively.

We apply these admission requirements universally and equally across all applications, regardless of religion, color, sex, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or nationality. These basic standards for admission ensure that students have an understanding of what it takes to complete these intensive, challenging programs and move on to rewarding careers.

We recognize that Video Symphony is an alternative education path. It is uniquely suited for those who want to work in media production, and is generally superior to a college education in this regard. Despite being an alternate approach, it is important that we maintain the quality of our student body for the benefit of all enrolled students. After all, the more effective and knowledgeable the students, the better off everyone is in classes and labs, because of the more insightful peer review and support that is possible.

Nonetheless, Video Symphony wants to maintain a student body that embraces a good work ethic and a friendly, professional atmosphere. To that end, if you are committed, you should contact us immediately to learn more about our various programs, and about how to ensure your application and enrollment process goes smoothly.

VS Voices
“During my college career, I was the sole operator of the Avid editing system at the television studios on campus. In the three-day Avid 101 class at Video Symphony, I learned more than the entire year at college."
— Joe Offi,
Reality TV Show
Assistant Edito
“The best choice I have made in my life thus far is going to school at Video Symphony. The amount and quality of knowledge I acquired from the Avid program, is worth three or more years in a university, in my opinion. If this town is a who-you-know type of business, Video Symphony will definitely help eager, dependable, capable students make their marks in the world, wherever that may be
— Louis Bruchez,
Editing Program graduate