Between the video and audio production courses and advanced Adobe classes, Video Symphony can offer you something unique in contemporary education: affordable training for the best professional skills necessary for your career in the industry, something no four-year university or other film school in LA can offer.

In the world of television and film production, one of the most important rules for starting a career is “performance over parchment.” There are a number of advantages to having a bachelor’s degree, but if you are confident about your desire to work in post-production for TV and film, you need to be able to show skill, breadth of knowledge and experience, connections, and a decent – superior preferred– reel. These are all things that our excellent editing and Adobe classes provide, but which you may struggle to get at the vast majority of four-year colleges.

At Video Symphony, we emphasize practical lessons to help you jumpstart your career and be successful in your field of choice. Our instructors and courses develop your skills with exposure to the most important tools and techniques in the industry, and prepare you to solve problems and exceed clients’ and employers’ expectations. This practical focus means we don’t waste time on unnecessary theory or general educational subjects, which are a big part of what make a college degree take four years to obtain. But you won’t miss them, nor the extra costs that incur, in your job as a professional editor or role in post-production.

While you might not need that degree to excel in our world, proper industry certification from software manufacturers often is part of the cost of entry. Our Certificate Programs include certification exams from software makers and offer degree certifications that the industry knows and respects; earning them makes you even more valuable. This certification demonstrates your readiness to begin working effectively on productions immediately.

Video Symphony Compared to other Film Schools in LA

Video Symphony has a unique concentration of studio-grade equipment and software with highly experienced professionals leading classes. These industry pros are responsible for imparting the skills and lessons they learned in the business to make our classes relevant and high-impact. Learning from them gives you not just the fundamental skills but also the insight into successful productions that can only come from industry experts. It’s this kind of education that studio managers value above all.

Solange Schwalbe, a Pro Tools instructor at Video Symphony with more than 100 movie credits, 23 Golden Reel nominations and a Golden Reel for Blackhawk Down, explains the “degree” issue succinctly. “Among all my seasoned colleagues in the Hollywood film industry, I can tell you that none of us hire sound editors on the basis of a college degree. We hire primarily on the basis of technical skill, competence and creativity.”

Most productions face significant deadlines and financial pressure to come in under budget and meet creative requirements. They can’t afford to hire anyone to the creative team who can’t prove their ability to hit the ground running and succeed from the get-go. A college degree has nothing to do with the impact you can have on a potential employer’s next project. But your education and certification from Video Symphony is directly relevant.

Can I get a job after I graduate from a Certificate Program?

Video Symphony is proud of a placement rate of over 70%. Successful Video Symphony graduates leave fully prepared not just to succeed in the industry but also to succeed in the job market itself, which special connections and insight into finding a job. We monitor job placement numbers very closely, and don’t include unpaid internships in our placement-rate statistics.

From basic skills to networking to expert insight in Adobe classes, Video Symphony was designed to help students get ready to find a job in the post-production world and succeed for the entirety of their career in film and television. What four-year college can boast that?

VS Voices
“During my college career, I was the sole operator of the Avid editing system at the television studios on campus. In the three-day Avid 101 class at Video Symphony, I learned more than the entire year at college."
— Joe Offi,
Reality TV Show
Assistant Edito
“The best choice I have made in my life thus far is going to school at Video Symphony. The amount and quality of knowledge I acquired from the Avid program, is worth three or more years in a university, in my opinion. If this town is a who-you-know type of business, Video Symphony will definitely help eager, dependable, capable students make their marks in the world, wherever that may be
— Louis Bruchez,
Editing Program graduate